What you need to know before starting your website

Why do you need a website? Because is a must have nowadays, it is a way of getting online a way of staying in contact with your actual customers and is the less expensive way of getting new clients. You might need a website for promoting your business or to sell your products online or for a hobby that you might have and you want to let others know about your passion. So if you are thinking about starting a website, well you are in the right place! What i want to say is that taking action is one of the most important step towards success and you already did that. I will do my best to take you throw every step of creating a website and in order to help even the very beginners i will try to explain everything at a basic level with a lot of print screens and videos, this way everybody could fallow up.

Ok so you might be wondering yourself how to start making a website for you or for your business and start earning a passive income ?

This is what i will try to teach you:

1.) How to do a keyword research.

2.) How to look and buy a proper domain name for your website.

3.) Hosting, what is it and which one is the best.

4.) What kind of website do i need and how to install WordPress, Joomla or Magento.

5.) Configure your plugins, built your website category structure.

6.) SEO (search engine optimization) or how to rank your website higher in SERPS.

7.) How to blog or how to write content that your users want.

8.) Social networking and spreading the word about your website.

9.) How to monetize your website.

10.) Security, backup and restoring your website.

After reading each part you will have a big picture about what having a website is all about, what are the monthly costs and what you should expect from your website.

Web Development and Design

Are you looking for developing your own social site?

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Online social networking relates to formation of a circuit or a chain of friends, family or partners who use variety of tools to interact with each other or share their views in accordance to different aspects. A social networking is a community of people who share a common link and thus connect to each other through their social interests, social media or any other needs and thus bond together using social networking sites and portal service. The growth of online social networking has also come up to the fact that it lends a strong platform for an individual to come out with personal views in a nurtured global way of approach. The outreach of social networking service has put together millions of people share content, videos, articles etc. sitting around the globe and has helped in bringing in the fashion of as said Neo-Classism.

How Anyone Can Develop An IPhone Or IPad App

How Anyone Can Develop An IPhone Or IPad App Or Video Game In 4 Weeks And Hit The Big Time With It In The App Store With No Programming Skills.

Have you ever thought of creating your own amazing game or application for iPhone or iPad with no programming skills in just 4 weeks and hit it big with it in the App Store?

To be honest, I am a big fan of the iPhone, and so I did not actually consider the idea of developing games designed for anything else but the iPhone or iPad.

However I had been missing the most important detail I got hardly any team and not any development knowledge at all. Actually worse yet  did definitely not even possess a programming schooling!

All the time I have been looking through the blogs and stories with regards to the Gold Rush in the Apps Store where little people just like me and you gained immense success by simply producing effortless but great programs or video games!

Did you actually understand that people from all the Top rated Applications part from the App Store actually selling in excess of 35,000 apps on a daily basis!

The following is what I did. I made the decision to be able to take it very very seriously. Initially, I purchased just about all the books out there at Borders and at Amazon as well. Everything from Iphone Apps for dummies all the way through the complex experts-software.

Oh boy, this was an actual head ache to study so much stuff. I had to spend roughly 3 months in isolation in order to go through just about all those courses.

And you know what?

Once I just tried to put into practice this practical knowledge I was entirely upset most of the traditional publications proved were actually completely out-of-date. You understand it is an extended process immediately after you write a book, it goes to the publisher, continues in editing for many weeks, after that the printing department keeps delaying it all the time. After that you will be needing to distribute it around the united states to local shops and so forth.. And the things change so fast. Once iPod was released, next year iPhone, then iPhone3GS, then iPad, then iPhone4the list goes on and on. Circumstances improve so quickly and these printed training books can not even stay up to date. Almost all samples were outdated and never worked for me. What a disappointment.

So eventually after looking at all this crap my head seemed to be ready to explode and I chose to make a change. My initial game was meant to be the straightforward Hidden object? game you no doubt know when you touch the screen to find the hidden pieces. I noticed that these kind of video games really are incredibly popular amongst guys and I discovered it can be fairly basic allow it to become you just need to numerous pics properly trimmed in to layers including a little bit of code.

Receiving a producer account with Apple was pretty easy, therefore I went onward and launched and started the development.

Since I had no-one that can help and help me  guess I spent three times longer when compared with average generating the application compared to what I actually needed to. Inside approximately two months of sleepless days and nights my game was in fact then finally ready. Typically the authorization process from Mac products took a little more than around a seven days. This 7 days of waiting appeared to be the most aggravating time for me personally, it seemed like time itself halted got so worried my arms in fact shook uncontrollably. Suppose they disapproved of it have read tons of problem reports about designers not passing simply because Apple failed to agree to their app or delayed approval for a long time. I could not even go to sleep. I had been looking at my email and Dev accounts just about every minute to find out if your App was okayed. I became so anxious I actually sent three or more followup email messages wanting to know exactly why its taking so long. Don’t do this folks, I’ve been told you only make the Mac folks mad should you demonstrate eagerness!

Eventually I got accepted so the product sales began!! I went to bed dreaming about loads of money rushing directly into my pockets.

And can you actually guess what actually happened?

I failed miserably!

And here is the reason why.

Developing a fantastic application or game is simply a piece of the account. The most important part is how to sell it successfully and find yourself on top of applications store sales. And that’s what the majority of creators are generally missing out on, failing one after another in their endeavors to live their particular dream. They place each of their efforts in to the development and miss the most important aspect successful marketing! Even the best app can stay fully unsold in case you fail to market it properly.

After I became aware of this process, I made a decision not to ever give up. So That I spent the next six months doing the comprehensive researching the market. I contacted 135 top apple apps and games developers asking for help and advice. Because you might expect, 75% of these experts simply not considered me. But you know I am not the type of person whom quits readily.

the which sent a reply provided me with information you would in no way find in books or on the net.

I could in person meet up with some of them and be given the best expert information about how this industry operates. Oh you cannot begin to think about the actual way it switched my very own worldview upside down. Virtually every thing I figured out previously?

I had been mistaken.

I mean how leading developers prevent the tips from little people such as me and you to enable them to keep all the cash, each of us cannot even sell 10 copies! Do you realize there’s a simple report on top-notch programmers who get easily approvals, top placing with what we’re taking part in? and other leading recommendations & benefits?

All this facts are perfectly kept secret from us?

What does that mean to you? Well it means that you wont have to spend 12 months and tens of thousands of dollars figuring this out like I did. More importantly, it means?

Did you know you can start creating your own app or game today and making money with it tomorrow by creating an app for iPad.

Finds The Best iPhone Apps in the App Store So You Don’t Have to!

So what are the best iPhone apps in the app store? Well…. Whether you have the latest model or an older version of the iPhone, we find the most relevant, useful, and best iPhone apps that will best suit your needs. With hundreds of thousands of apps on the market, it’s difficult to ascertain which iPhone apps will be best for you. Since most of us don’t have endless hours to pour over customer reviews and to find the most functional and top apps in the app store, we’ve done the work for you.

iphoneappreview.mobi has something for everyone. If you need a safe and secure iPhone app to check your bank account, you want the latest ringtones or the newest game apps, or maybe you need the news and weather to be delivered straight to your iPhone we have everything you could possibly need, and perhaps a few things you didn’t know you needed.
We at iphoneappreview.mobi have done extensive market research on the web, and have sought out the most dependable apps for everyday use. We have taken all the guesswork out of finding relevant apps for people just like you. Don’t like glitchy apps? We don’t either! None of the apps we offer will slow you down. In fact, we can help you organize and streamline your daily routine with the best iPhone apps available.
You never need to worry about whether or not the app you use is safe, or if you will have to download lengthy programs in order to get what you need. We have done the hard work for you, so you can sit back and enjoy life without the added complication of surfing the app store.
We feel that searching for apps that suit you should be quick, easy, and trouble-free. We have apps for music, entertainment, gaming, weather, sports, news, and more.

How to Develop iPhone Apps?

There are at least several important things that you will need to know on how to develop iphone apps.  To start with, you should have some creative ideas, creative enough to be visualized so you can develop iphone apps. App developers and builders are sprouting rapidly as to date, and just so you know, most of them do not have any kind of a programming skill. They just have a creative and unique idea, and decided to pursue their desire to develop iphone apps. And just like those people, you too can have the chance to explore this feature. And who knows, your creation might just be the next big thing in the apple industry.

To develop iphone apps, think of your apps’ content. Just keep in mind that it should be less than 10mb or else your customers won’t be able to download it. It should be knowledgeable, and should be able to help out your customers. You should consider what customers can benefit from it, especially the minors who are in fact one of the highest percentage of iphone users.

When you have submitted your apps to apple, it will then be subjected for approval. It would usually take around 1-2 weeks. In case it gets disapproved, they will inform you the reason why, and give you some points and reminders on which part you will need to change, enhance or improve.

But once it is approved, that should be it for you. If you submitted a paid app, you will soon start earning money from it. If it is a free app,  it would surely have a lot of traffic since there already a lot doing this kind of creation.

Hope you find this article helpful to develop iphone apps. Just remember all these basic reminders and you wont get lost. In case you might need more information, you can always check out the web and find more links to help you out so you can easily develop iphone apps.

What are die hard Apple fans expecting the iPhone 5 to be like?

Apple has been upgrading all of their products because of how much fans they have established throughout the years. A majority of fans have expected a bit too much from the iPhone 5. In my opinion, the iPhone will certainly be fully upgraded, but I don”t think that they will meet people”s expectations.
What are the fanatics expecting?
Some people have said that the iPhone will be even thinner compared to the fourth generation, which is so tiny, that you won”t even know you”re holding something. Another expectation from the fans was that the iPhone 5 will have high definition games just like the iPad. I believe that it is possible they will upgrade the game”s appearance, but the size being thinner than the fourth generation is kind of inaccurate. Most people are even saying that Apple fanatics will be disappointed with the outcome because of how high their expectations have become.
How much is the rumored price and when will it release?
The rumored release was said to be this October and was also said to be much more expensive than the other generations. Most fans have said that the price will be much more expensive because of how many features the phone will have. The price was even rumored to be over $700, and in most people”s opinion, $700 is just not practical. Die-hard Apple fans will probably even camp out a couple of days before the release date, so that they will be one of the first to purchase the iPhone 5.
Can the iPhone 5 jailbreak?
People have said that the iPhone 5 will be just like all the past models, but just upgraded. So just like all of the other generations, I think it will be jail broken. Most people have said that it will be harder to jailbreak the iPhone 5 because Apple made everything more complex. So in that case, it can be pretty difficult to jailbreak the latest generation on your own. But I think there will be a lot of people that specialize in jailbreaking, so there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Most people don”t really know what jailbreaking means and how it can save a person a lot of money. By having your iPhone jailbroken, you will be able to download applications completely free. One of the most famous applications is MxTube. MxTube let”s you download YouTube videos completely free, so wherever you go, you will be able to watch your favorite YouTube videos without having to reload the video again.
The expectations of the iPhone 5 has become pretty ridiculous, but in my opinion, there is still a huge possibility that Apple will meet the expectations. Apple will certainly step up their game and keep upgrading their products to keep the fans satisfied. Well basically, we won”t know what the iPhone 5 will look like and what the features will be like, until it has actually been released. We never know, the fanatic”s expectations might even be accurate.

How To Make An iPhone App

Learning how to make an iPhone app is not as hard as it may seem. It is also not the easiest, or fastest thing in the world to learn either. You can find the right programs to use, but it will still take time to put everything together (if you actually want to do it right). The average time for most of this to be accomplished is a few weeks (three to four), at least for the first time doing it. After that it might get a little bit faster once you become more familiar with all the different programs you need to use and all the formatting you need to do to make them all work together.

Now, if you really want to learn how to make an iPhone app you are going to need more than one program. So far I have not found anything one thing that will allow you to accomplish this. I have found bundles though that offer most of the programs you will need all in one spot. This is nice because you can get everything at once and know you have it later on when you actually need to use it.

Now, there are a couple of different reasons why you would want to take a couple weeks to learn how to make an iPhone app. Some people are doing this for purely personal reasons, and others are doing it for profit. You can sell these applications as downloads and make a few cents every time someone orders it from the internet. Please understand that this is not going to make you rich overnight, but there is a possibility for an income doing this. With more people looking for a way to supplement what they are already making, using the web offers them the agility they need to fit it into their schedule.

Other people want to learn how to make iPhone apps just so that they can say so. I know that sounds wrong, but there are quite a few people out there that like to learn different things, but never really do anything else with it. For those who want to look just for curiosity you might want to reconsider. Most of the programs that you will need to accomplish this are not free. You would not want to spend money on something that you will never really put to use.

The simple fact it that no matter what you reasons for wanting to learn how to make an iPhone app; it can be done. It will take time, usually a few weeks the first time around, and a little bit of patience. Many of these programs are designed to be user-friendly, but it always takes time to learn new programs and put all of the features to good use. After you play around with them a little bit you will probably be much more comfortable, and most likely faster too.

Free Apps vs Paid Apps

When you have an app idea and you are creating it with the intent to make money, you have a few options. You can either create an app, sell it for a fixed price on any one of the many app stores or you can create a free app with advertisements that will make you money whenever one of your customers uses the app and views the ads. When looking at these two options, it’s pretty difficult to know right off the bat which one will net you the most money. If you go with paid apps, you might lose out on potential revenue from long-term repeated use of your apps. However, if you go with free apps, you might end up losing an initial burst of capital from the original sale of each app. There’s only one way to know whether free or paid apps are better for your business, and that is to look at how most people use apps and what advertisers are willing to pay for advertisements.

So, how do most people use apps? Pinch Media did a study on this subject and dug up some useful data. According to their research, the average free app gets used 6.6 times more than its paid counterpart. While this sounds like a strong reason to go for free app that sell advertising space, the math doesn’t quite work that way. Here is why. Let’s assume that our paid app sells for 99 cents. In that case, Apple will take its 30%, giving us a net profit of approximately 70 cents per sale. The free app then has to make up that 70 cent difference per download through advertising in order for it be as good as the cheapest paid app. Pinch Media says the average app gets run 12 times. When an app is made free, this number is multiplied by the 6.6 factor to give it an average total usage of about 80 sessions. Now the answer as to whether it’s a good idea to make a paid app or a free app is boiled down to the following question. Can a free application make 70 cents in advertising revenue in 80 use sessions?

Greg Yardley, the CEO of Pinch Media, very confidently states, “Hell No” as the answer to this question in his presentation of the research. The only way a free app could make this kind of money is if it were able to somehow net $8.75 for every thousand advertisement views (known as CPM in the biz). Here is the logic. Your app will only be able to serve one or two advertisements every session. If your app can serve one ad per session, and it is used eighty times, then you will have 80 impressions. At $8.75 per thousand impressions, you will have made your 70 cents.

Of course, no advertiser in their right mind will offer a rate this large for smartphone applications development, especially one that is just entering the scene. Most companies offer $.50 to $2.00 for every thousand views. This is at least four times less than what your app will need in order to make up the seventy cents.

After all of this math, Pinch Media concludes that the best plan for any app is to start it off as a paid app, install software to determine how it is being used, and then go from there. The company states that less than 5% of top-performing apps are “sticky” enough to make money from advertisements. What might be a good example of a sticky app? Well, Pandora keeps people listening with rapt ears and is used over and over again. At $.5 to $2.00 per thousand ad views, Pandora can keep its operation running through sheer user view volume alone.

To make money from advertising, your app either has to make a lot of money per advertisement view (CPM) or it has to beat the average smartphone app’s relatively low rate of use. Since everyone starts with zero information on the rate of use of their apps, and most advertisers are unwilling to give very high CPM rates, the most prudent decision is to make your app a paid app. If you have any more questions about your new app idea and whether it will be a good idea to make it free, Appiction one of the leading iphone application development company has a team of marketing consultants who will guide you in the right direction. We’ll help you use the analytical tools that will give you the information you need. Here’s to the success of your new app!

Iphone Apps Can Make You Money And Loads Of It

Future iPhone App Kingpin,

Steve Jobs wants to make us rich.

The secret word is “iPhone.”

Sure it’s made Apple MILLIONS, but for once the big boys are sharing the wealth. You see, the iPhone is just an expensive paper weight without applications. The Apps transform a simple iPhone into a productivity, entertainment, and reference powerhouse.

Apple has helped its customers download over 4 BILLION Apps in the last 3 years.

Apple isn’t in the business of creating Apps. They want YOU to create them. Once you create them, they will put your App in front of THOUSANDS with the click of a button. What happens next is magical. You make cash (lots of it); all with Apple’s enthusiastic blessing.

iFart Makes $27,249 in One Day – Why Is This Great News For You?

A year ago, my friend and I were talking about the launch of a completely obnoxious iPhone App called iFart.

The App is simple. Press a button and completely embarrass everyone in the room. It’s a gag…that made its creators over $27,000 in a single day.

Now, although the gross and obnoxious category was taken, I had a few ideas that I was sure would be great Apps.

The problem was that we didn’t know how to get them created or published in the Apple App Store.

I couldn’t let the idea go. So I went on a crash course.

I read every book, article, whitepaper, FAQ and blog with information on how to create successful iPhone Apps. I tried learning App programming languages and hung out in forums and blogs that shared tricks and strategies.

In the end, I almost gave up!

It was just too much work! In my gut, I suspected that developing iPhone Apps had to be MUCH easier.

Then it hit me.

If You Have 2 Hours Then You Can Become an App Master…

Listen, the web is swamped with App instruction manuals. The problem with them is that they all assume you are a programming guru. Or, they think that you enjoy being chained to your computer debugging or testing code.

The good news is that there is an incredibly easy way to get in on the iPhone App profit bonanza in just 2 hours.

Plus, if you have a computer with an Internet connection, then you have EVERYTHING you need to start kicking out Apps in a single afternoon.

You’re probably wondering, ‘what’s the magic sauce right’? How can YOU create Apps in a single afternoon – with no programming experience?

There are more ways than one to use the system. You can use it purely for your own benefit and make apps that only you have and nobody els. Or you can make app purely for sales reasons, and generate an incredible income.
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iPhone Applications Store

There are thousands of applications in the app store. Some are good, some are not. The iPhone will not allow you to install all the apps in the app store and you can’t just go on installing and trying out every app that is in the app store to see if it is good for you or not. This is where the app review sites come in. These days it is very simple to start a blog or site and go on writing anything there and because of this there are lots of reviews online and some of them are not even helpful. So in this article I will review some websites/blog that review iPhone/iPod touch applications and games,

1. FreshApps – This is a new site but is doing quite well and has lots of app reviews. It is currently adding an average of 19 apps daily. Total iPhone apps at the time of writing this article was 2,081 and the number of free apps reviewed was 512. This site also gives stats like “Freshest iPhone app of the week”, “Most talked about app of all times” and “Most fresh app of all times”. This site has digg kind of functioning. You have to vote to keep the app in top or fresh. FreshApps start said is quite good giving all the information. The reviews by the site are professional and very good and the comments those reviews get are also useful. If you like an app you can download it easily, no searching of app in the app store etc. Just click the download link below the app and the site fires up iTunes and takes you to the app page. Although this site has got a beta tag (people seem to think keeping the beta tag is cool, thanks to or no thanks to google for keeping the beta tag in all of their products) it works well.

2. What’s On iPhone – This site is really good. It provides an in-depth (long) review of all the apps along with their personal thoughts. I like the way it includes the Developer’s notes first and then their review. After the review comes the “Quick Take” containing value, would I buy again, learning curve, who it is for, what I like, what I don’t like and finally the final statement. It also has the link to get you to the app quickly. Reviews has one or two screenshots of the app. Also note that some of the app reviews are not written, they are on video which isn’t much helpful if you are browsing the site on your iPhone or iPod touch. Overall, this is a good site and you should look at it.

3. iPhoneAppPodcast – This site’s idea is good. Instead of writing reviews, it has video reviews which lets you see how the app works and looks like. I guess it is the only site which has detailed video reviews. You can actually spend all day watching the videos of various apps in this site.

The author runs a website where you can select ipod touch third generation. itouch is a brand of portable media players designed , marketed and launched by Apple Inc. The name inspired the term “podcasting,” a combination of ipod and broadcast.